Stretch Therapy™

Say Good Bye to Tension & Pain!

Say Good Bye to Tension & Pain!


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I believe you have encountered the following problems...

and tried to find the answers...

Not able to relax even after stretching...

・​In pain for a while, nothing works...

​・Don't know where should I start...

・Stretch a lot, but there is no progress...

・Don't have any feeling when I stretch...

​・Already flexible, how can I improve further?​

It is not that stretching does not work, it is only that you are not using the effective AND safe method!

Stretch Therapy is the answer that you are searching for

What is the Workshop About?

2 HOURS of Learning & Experiencing Stretch Therapy™

 Learn multiple stretching and relaxation techniques, covering different parts of the body!

Understand 3 common mistakes that most people make, so you won't waste time anymore!

Know the ONE body part that over 99% of people need to stretch, but often neglect!

​​Learn the ONE key to ultimate relaxation!

​And much more...!

BONUS #1 -  4 Weeks Momentum Follow Up System (Value AUD 100!)

 To help you continue with this healthy routine, I've created a brand new system to keep your momentum!

During the four weeks following the workshop, I will guide you to incorporate this routine into your daily life!

BONUS #2 - Join My Exclusive Facebook Community (Not for Sale!)

 You will continue to receive wellness tips and information in this group!

You can also exchange your experiences and insights with other like-minded health-conscious friends!

Workshop Fee: AUD 147


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Stretch Therapy™

Senior Teacher

Czon Wong

Over 13 Years of Teaching Experience

Over 10,000 Teaching Hours

Over 500 Hours Face to Face Learning with Kit Laughlin

Taught Stretch Therapy at Major Corporations and Organizations

adidas Stretching Teacher in Hong Kong (2016-2021)

Just Like You... I had Encountered Issues with my Body Before...

Although I was just a couple of blocks away from home, my back pain made every step excruciating, and I had already linger at that corner for over 20 minutes...

When I contemplated whether to call a taxi or even an ambulance, and thought of how this injury would affect my work and daily life, I couldn't hold back the tears... This was in 2014, the most intense strike of my injury...

Like many others, I had a problem that needed solving... In 2009, while practicing yoga, I suffered a severe lower back injury, tried numerous methods, but for years, I couldn't fully recover...

As a yoga teacher and fitness coach, I helped many improve their health, but I couldn't find a method to help myself.

My emotional state was also greatly troubled...

Until I discovered Stretch Therapy by coincidence, and after a three-day workshop with Kit Laughlin, my lower back pain was significantly relieved, and the injury was totally gone not long after that!

This method is actually very simple and easy to learn, I just hadn't met the right teacher and method before!

At the same time, with the guidance of KIt, I overcame my doubts about my body and fears of leaving my comfort zone, achieving two toga poses I thought would take at least a year to achieve!

The breakthrough in mind and body at that workshop was extraordinary!

I gained a completely new understanding of stretching, it was the best discovery, and I immediately knew I had a responsibility to share this method with those around me, so they too could live in a comfortable and unrestricted body.

I then traveled to Australia, the UK, Singapore, and other places, learning under Kit Laughlin, for over 500 hours, deeply studying this method and becoming a Stretch Therapy Teacher..

I am now honored to be Kit's first Senior Teacher in Asia.

Aside from teaching workshops, classes and individuals, I also promote this secret in various media to those who could not physically join my sessions!

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Take a Look at These Amazing Results...

No longer need to visit chiropractor regularly

"I used to regularly visit a chiropractor who used tools to help relieve my back pain. Now, I no longer need to.   Haha!"

Kat, OL

I understood why Czon has so many loyal students

"I took stretching classes because I suddenly couldn't walk mid last year, & I deeply felt the helplessness of being immobile... After the first class, I was amazed... my body felt so relaxed!"

Ho Teng, Mom​

Back pain gone temporarily

"Proper stretching can make you sweat with significant effects... standing straighter, feeling taller, temporary back pain relief, & a deep sense of balance throughout... chest opened up, as if recharged after vacation, and full night's sleep daily!"

Robin, Wing Chun Sifu​

Knee pain lessen after stretching

"After stretching, my knee pain gradually lessened, and I was eventually able to return to my normal running form and complete marathons more easily than before!"

Wai Chung, Runner​

Sleep much better

"Following Czon's instructions, I was able to stretch more effectively experiencing a deeper sensation I had never felt before. I immediately felt lighter, elongated, shoulders opened up, and my mind relaxed. I went to bed earlier than usual and slept very well!"

Teresa, Lecturer​

Never imagine I can reach my feet

"Czon is indeed very professional and teaches well. I have always been inflexible and never imagined myself sitting on the ground, and reach my left feet.  Now I am able to, slowly straighten my left leg and press it flat on the ground..."

Danny, Retired​

No longer need my physiotherpsist

"The stiffness and pain in my neck, shoulders, and upper back have noticeably improved... The breathing techniques she teaches enhance the stretches in the desired areas... I no longer need to go to physiotherapist now."


No more strain

"I haven't felt any strain at all going upstairs this past few days; I'm really relaxed from head to toe, and my happiness index has definitely increased... Using breathing to achieve a deep relaxation in the body is something I can't fully express in words... All I know is that my mind, body, and spirit have all been freed, and it feels great!"

Wendy, Sports Enthusiast​

Turn impossible into possible

""My entire body has always been tense, but the first day, it felt incredibly good! I felt lighter and able to walk quickly effortlessly! Initially, I thought i couldn't do many of the stretches, but Czon guided us step by step, turning the impossible into possible!"


Better sleep after stretching before bed

"I learnt how to feel yourself, and relax my body through breathing, and which stretches can relief a specific area, and it all can be done watching TV!  It's very convenient!"


My mind also got relaxed

"I can feel not only my whole body, but also my mind got relaxed, pain is gone. Czon teaches us how to listen to our body, how to take care our body, how to improve our body health through stretching practicing."


Stretch your mind & open to new territories

"Czon does not only understand what is good for your body but also what is good for your mind. She can literally stretch your mind and open it to new territories."

Patrick, Banker​

What Is Stretch Therapy™?  

WHat Is Stretch Therapy™?  

Created by the renowned Australian stretching teacher/author Kit Laughlin and Olivia Allnutt, this system has a history of over 35 years.

It is a comprehensive stretching and relaxation system - including simple and easy-to-learn stretching exercises, combined with deep mental relaxation techniques.

Suitable for all normal adults - regardless of age, stretching experience, and physical condition.

Over 50,000 individuals worldwide was benefited and proven its effectiveness.

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Stretch Therapy - Healing Your Body, Mind and Spirit!

Stretch Therapy
​Heal Your Body, Mind & Spirit


✔️ Relax Muscles & Fascia

✔️ Pain Relief​

✔️ Remove Body Restrictions

✔️ Reduce Chance of Injury

✔️ Improve Posture

✔️ Reduce Stiffness

✔️ Allow You To Move Freely No Matter Your Age​


✔️ Relief Mental Tension

✔️ Reduce and Manage Stress

✔️ Enjoy Peaceful & Relax State

✔️ Improve Sleep Quality

✔️ Shut Down Our Overly Protective Mechanism


✔️ Experience「Now」

​✔️ Practice to Communicate with Your Body

​✔️ Learn to Align with Your True Self

✔️ Apply Your Experience in Your Own Meditation Practices

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have no experience with stretching; can I still participate

A. Absolutely! The workshop arrangement and selection of stretching exercises are designed to accommodate individuals of different ages and levels of physical activity.  Stretch Therapy focuses on body awareness and relaxation, so students don't need to worry about not being able to perform certain movements, or having enough experience to participate.


Q. Should I wait until my flexibility or range of motion improves before enrolling?

A. Your current starting point is not a factor in whether you can attend the workshop.  Physical improvement is a result of participating in the workshop, not a prerequisite.

In fact, without taking any action now, it's unlikely that your body will suddenly become more flexible or that your range of motion will increase.


Q. Is Stretch Therapy the same as yoga?

A. Yoga aims for Enlightenment and traditionally includes postures, as well as meditation, purification, and breathing techniques.

In contrast, the goal of Stretch Therapy is more modest: it aims to increase the necessary range of motion, alleviate pain, and optimize bodily functions.

Stretch Therapy is an excellent preparation for practicing yoga.


Q. What equipment will I need?

A. All equipment will be provided at the workshop.


Q. In what language is the workshop taught?

A. The workshop is taught in English.


Q. I have certain health conditions; is it suitable for me to attend the workshop?

A. Please consult directly with your primary care physician to determine if stretching exercises are suitable for your condition.


Q. Can I handle 2 hours of stretching exercises?

A. Absolutely! Most participants express a desire for even longer class times after their first session.


Q. What payment methods do you offer?

A. We accept major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Union Pay, JCB, and Diners, as well as PayPal.

For PAYID, and local Australian bank transfers, please contact us via email to arrange.


Q. I have other questions or encounter issues, how can I contact you?

A. You can email us at (if you have already registered for the workshop, please use or mention the registered email address).

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