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Czon Wong

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Czon Wong

Czon has over 13 years, and over 10,000 hours of teaching experiences.

She is the first Senior Teacher of Stretch Therapy™ in Asia, granted by her Mentor Kit Laughlin, clocking over 500 learning hours.

Her mission is to help everyone around her to rediscover joy and happiness in their lives - by guiding them to re-connect with their body, mind and soul. 

She has been teaching Stretch Therapy™ to her students, private corporations, NGOs, and also at the Training Academy of adidas in Hong Kong.

She could not wait to connect with you, in real-life or virtually, sharing with you her experiences in this journey of self-love!


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I have been seeing Czon for the last 5 years and I feel younger, healthier and happier year after year.

Czon does not only understand what is good for your body but also what is good for your mind.  She can literally stretch your mind and open it to new territories.

Be careful – extremely addictive!

Patrick, Banker

I can feel not only my whole body, but also my mind got relaxed, pain is gone.

Czon teaches us how to listen to our body, how to take care our body, how to improve our body health through stretching practicing.


Czon is an excellent teacher and personal trainer. She has a really deep, specialized knowledge of stretching and yoga, and is able to apply that knowledge to address each student’s particular needs.

She brings her natural positive spirit to each training session, which is always fun!"

Peter, Law Firm Partner

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